WPHR_on_Plaque.jpg (1127 bytes)           Fancee Tails Sparkee

Registration Numbers:   AMHA:  A45338      AMHR:  56556P-A

Sparkee is a 1992 sorrel with pinto lineage and stands 30.5 inches. He has sired several foals in a wide variety of colors. His foals to date have all been under 34 inches. Because he is double registered he can be breed to mares registered in either AMHA or AMHR. The foals will be registered in the registry of the mare.

Breeding fees are dependent on whether or not the mare is registered and which registry. Handling fee (mare care) is $5.00 a day. Transportation can be arranged.

Send Inquires to wphrranch@wphr.com


                                                    Local Phone     541 582-3285
                                                    Toll Free          877 582-3285

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